Week 92 – First MRI After Chemotherapy

As it is nearly every time I sit down with this flashing cursor and blank space, when I consider what to write, I have many choices and little time.

I could use this time to tell you about our Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii, which was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  I could attempt to voice our long overdue gratitude to Ginger’s friends from Covenant College who put together one of the most unexpected and heartfelt expressions of love and support we have received along this path.  I could celebrate that it has now been more than ONE YEAR since May 19, 2016, the day we first learned that Brouwer’s tumor was SHRINKING.  I could encourage you to support Ginger, Brouwer and Banner by donating to Team Brouwer!  as they walk (and RUN) in Lurie’s Move for the Kids 5K on June 10th (www.luriechildrens.org/mftk/GrantThornton).

Time spent to discuss any of the above would be appropriate and well-spent.  It’s incredible that people would give to Make-A-Wish to fund trips and experiences for total strangers they will likely never meet.  As Ginger would readily admit, she’s not a perfect friend, so it means all the more that college friends from many years back took the time to coordinate their care as they did.  I will never forget the afternoon of May 19th when, for the first time, in its retreat, we saw the back of the beast, were reminded of the strength of the Savior and felt a level of joy inexpressible.  And certainly trying to rally further support for the Team Brouwer! race team, Lurie’s and ultimately pediatric brain tumor research to meet our goal to raise $10,000 ($6,287 raised to date) would certainly be a good use of my time.

But, instead of all of that, today I ask for you to spend some time praying for us.

Today we go back into the fire as Brouwer lays down yet again in the “washing machine” for another MRI.  This imaging will be the first since the end of chemotherapy so, while it’s never easy, this MRI carries some additional concern.  Today holds another first for us as well as, at the ripe age of 4, Brouwer will make his first attempt at receiving an MRI without sedation or general anesthesia.  We’ve done some prep work, but we recognize that this is a pretty big “ask” of Brouwer so we’ll see how it goes.

I realize I’m asking you to do something I’m not very good at myself.  As I suspect might be true for many, I oftentimes have a check-the-box mentality when it comes to even the important things, particularly praying for others.  I ask that this not be so in your prayers for us in these next two days.  God hears the prayers of the righteous, may they be bold, may they be many, may they be yours.

Our MRI appointment is today at 7:15 am.  We receive the results on Wednesday.

In the airplane

In the airplane


Brouwer liked Moana

Brouwer liked Moana

Brothers (and friendly)

Brothers (and friendly)


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  1. Barb Gosselink

    May 31, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Praying for excellent results today! So glad you could experience the Make-a-Wish trip to Hawaii. Aren’t they just the best times with your family? The kids still talk about our Disney cruise and all the fun we had!
    Hope the MRI went well without sedation, that is impressive Brouwer!! You are a very brave boy!
    Peace and strength to your family.

  2. Jolee Zaagman

    May 30, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Absolutely!! We continue in fervent prayer for Brouwer and his whole family!!


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  3. Ethel Ann Lautenbach

    May 30, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Praying that all you ask will be granted by our loving God, and that you may feel His presence with you as you wait.


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  4. Linda MacKillop

    May 30, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Praying boldly that the tumor is gone and that Brouwer is given supernatural bravery as he goes into “the washing machine.” Love that little guy.


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  5. We continue to stand with you at the Throne of Grace where we find help in time of need.

  6. Linda Rapacki

    May 30, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Maybe the MRI is already done, but Brouwer was lifted up in prayer and we continue to do so!


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