Week 84 – Move for . . . Brouwer

I’ve started, stopped, scrapped and restarted this post too many times . . . let me just be to the point:

Ginger and Brouwer will be running in Lurie Children’s “Move for the Kids 5K Walk/Run” on Saturday, June 10th: this post is to humbly ask you support them.

God has been pleased use Lurie’s to radically reverse the trajectory of Brouwer’s life.  Brouwer was handed a death sentence.  We were told to take him home, to enjoy, as best we could, the remaining time we had together.  God used Lurie’s to scoop us up and free us from what we were told was an inevitable fate.

We are compelled by gratitude.

And, in response, we’re raising money for brain tumor research at Lurie Children’s.  As of this writing, the specific research project has not been chosen, but details are forthcoming.

Please consider registering to donate to our team, to volunteer at the event or even to walk/run yourself (Ginger and Brouwer love it if anyone would be willing to walk with them!)

Register to Donate:

You can donate as a virtual participant.  To become a virtual participant:

  1. Visit luriechildrens.org/mftk/GrantThornton
  2. Select the “Join Team” button that corresponds with Team Brouwer!
  3. Select “Join as a New Participant”
  4. Select “Virtual Participant”
  5. Continue through fields/steps to complete registration

Register to Volunteer: Same steps as above except, for the third step, select “Volunteer”

Register to Walk/Run: Same steps as above except, for the third step, select the appropriate walk/run option

100% of the money raised under Team Brouwer! will be earmarked for brain tumor research at Lurie Children’s.

You’ll notice that Ginger is the captain of Team Brouwer! and that I am the captain of a team named “GTUnited”.  The GTUnited team exists because my employer, Grant Thornton, is a sponsor of this event and thus employees of Grant Thornton will be participating under the GTUnited team.  If you’re interested in supporting us, please be sure to join the Team Brouwer! team.

If you have questions, call me or email me at danvoogt@yahoo.com.

P.S. Brouwer is doing well; more details in the next post.  The next MRI is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30th, please continue to be in prayer for the results.



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  1. We might be able to walk with Ginger that day! If it’s WALKING and not RUNNING…


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