Week 74

Brouwer was cleared and thus received cycle 7 of his chemo.

As we always do, we reported to Lurie’s on day 42 of cycle 7 (January 18) to test the appetite of Brouwer’s bone marrow for chemo cycle 8 (the last cycle).  The blood results were pretty clear – Brouwer wasn’t ready (not even close) for cycle 8.

Since January 18th we’ve been weighing the potential benefits against the potential risks of asking Brouwer’s body to process another cycle of chemo.

We still don’t have a clear answer.

After discussing more with Dr. Lulla this week we’ve decided to wait until we receive the results from the MRI on February 13th.  If the results of the MRI show that we might get more mileage from additional chemo (i.e. the tumor shrinks by a good amount), then we’ll press on with the 8th and final cycle.

If Brouwer’s tumor is stable since the last MRI (i.e. no decrease in size), we’ll consider his experience with TPCV to be complete.

As you might imagine (and is entirely normal) our feelings about finishing chemo are terribly mixed.

All told, Brouwer is doing fantastic.

I apologize for the decrease in the frequency of these posts.

We thank you for your continued concern and prayers.

Look for another update around February 13th.


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  1. Always in my prayers! Stay strong little man ❤️

  2. Always praying for complete healing!

  3. Continued prayers for strength and endurance. Thank you for sharing the details.

  4. We pray not just for Brouwer but for his parents too! May the Lord grant wisdom and godly counsel.


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