Week 38 – Another MRI

Today was a great day.

Brouwer saw his orthotist today who was very pleased with the progress he has made with regards to the hyperextension  and weakness in his left leg and side.

Rewind nine months or so before we knew Brouwer had a brain tumor . . . one of the primary reasons why we were originally concerned that something was wrong with Brouwer was because (quite quickly) he had lost his ability to run, jump and even walk in the same way he had previously.  After we learned that Brouwer had a brain tumor he had several surgeries those first few weeks.  Those surgeries resulted in a lot of time in a hospital bed, lost muscle tone, etc. and as a result Brouwer wasn’t able to stand, let alone walk, run or jump, after the surgeries.  As a result Brouwer was fitted for orthotics (“soccer boots”).

Brouwer still has a way to go to improve the weakness in his left side but we’re really thankful that he’s come so far.  It was great to see Gwen (his orthotist) so pleased (and perhaps even a bit surprised) with how far he’s come.   As a result of Brouwer’s progress, Gwen cut a slit near the ankles of Brouwer’s soccer boots which will give him more flexibility.  We’re hopeful that at some point this year Brouwer will be free from his soccer boots, but that really depends on what the tumor does.

Still, our visit with Gwen this afternoon made my day.


Now we turn to thoughts to tomorrow when the river bends.

We’ve been on TPCV for 3 months now and it’s been about 3 1/2 months since the last MRI.

We’ve been advised to expect at least some tumor growth.  If the tumor grew at the same rate it has historically (about 1 1/2% per week) then the MRI tomorrow will show about 20% growth since the last MRI.  I’ll consider it a victory if the tumor growth is 10% or less.

That said, we / certainly / hope / for / much / more.


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  1. Delighted an thrilled at the good news from the orthotist. Though we pray that the Lord’s will be done, that does not mean that we can’t ask Him for the desires of our hearts! We know that either way He will be gracious.

  2. Thankful for great days like today!!

    Praying for tomorrow, knowing that the Lord goes before you and will carry you through. Love you guys!

  3. Although your mind is focused on the MRI tomorrow, I want to wish you a happy birthday, Dan. I hope that with the busyness of the day, you took time to pause and remember your birthday!


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