Friends and family of Brouwer, we’ve created this site to keep friends and family updated as we go through this journey. We appreciate your prayers and support during this time.

If you’ve never met Brouwer, here’s a brief introduction.  Brouwer Wyatt Voogt was born to parents Daniel and Ginger Voogt on November 13, 2012.  In Brouwer’s three years of life, Brouwer has soaked up every moment.  This boy has a sweet and gentle disposition, loves to laugh and play, and charms every adult he comes in contact with.  Brouwer is truly a joy to be around.  Adored by his parents, grandparents, his many aunts and uncles, cousins, and baby brother, Brouwer is much loved and held unspeakably dear.

Tuesday, Sept 1st, Brouwer was brought to the hospital for an MRI. The MRI was not given until Wednesday afternoon, and the results were heard Wednesday evening. This test showed a tumor located in Brouwer’s midbrain, in a position that was said to be unreachable by surgery.  Brouwer’s family and friends rallied around him to show love and support, and most importantly, lift his young life before God in prayer.

Since that day, Brouwer underwent one surgery to reduce the fluid causing pressure on his brain and a second surgery to remove approximately one-third of the tumor.  On October 7th, Brouwer started a chemotherapy regime in which he will receive weekly chemotherapy treatments at Lurie’s Children Hospital in Chicago for one year.  The location of the tumor has caused Brouwer to have left-sided weakness and trouble walking.  As a result, Brouwer has physical therapy three times a week and has been fitted for orthotics for both of his legs which he will wear during all waking hours for the foreseeable future.

Brouwer’s future is unclear, and he, along with his family, is in much need of your love, prayers and support.  Please consider following this site to receive updates on our journey.  Please also consider supporting Brouwer and his family by visiting