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This is Brouwer’s Auntie Joy-

This really isn’t an update- rather a share.  Time spent with Brouwer has always been special- from the days when Dan & Ginger lived in Charlotte and visits were often short and infrequent to the days earlier this year when they moved back to Chicago and we were all excited to have them closer.  While you may have thought the novelty would wear off, I can tell you by watching Brouwer’s Uncles and Aunts tonight that it definitely has not.

Many of the Aunts and Uncles gathered around the hospital room tonight and the love for Brouwer (and his family) is almost tangible.  Our lives have truly been blessed by this little boy and we implore our Heavenly Father to guide the doctors and nurses tomorrow and use them to bring about restored healing.  He has captured our hearts and we thank God for every day He gives us with Brouwer.

Please continue praying; we are so thankful for all the support.


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  1. We are praying that the Lord will restore Brouwer and watch you all. May God guide the doctors.

  2. Prayers for God, our Healer & Protector, to guide the doctors minds and hands, and keep Brouwer & all his family in the palm of His hand.


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