Thank you to everyone who supported us and Lurie Children’s Hospital in our annual fundraiser for Lurie’s facilitated through Lurie’s Move for the Kids’ website – together we raised nearly $22,000 to fund research at Lurie Children’s Hospital!

If you intended to give but have not, please do so today – I’ve been told Lurie’s is closing the Move for the Kids’ website at some point tomorrow (Wednesday, June 20th). Our goal was to raise $25,000 so we would be thrilled if a few more gifts got us to our goal!

Link to donate:

Link to see total raised:

Brouwer continues to do remarkably well. We’re currently going six months between MRIs; the next scan will be this fall. Brouwer’s physical therapy sessions have ratcheted up to 3-hours a piece to help build his endurance, which is behind. If you ever know of a child in need of therapy, we can’t say enough great things about BDI Playhouse in Orland Park. They have walked this journey with us in a most gracious and supporting way.

Finally, thank you if you’re one that continues to pray for us. This past week Brouwer went to Orland Park CRC’s VBS and we attended Community URC in Schereville; at both places “strangers” found us to say that they recognized Brouwer and that they have prayed for him. We are grateful for that beyond measure, thank you!

There is more

More than all this pain

More than all the falling down

And the getting up again

There is more

More than we can see

From our tiny vantage point

In this vast eternity

There is more.

– Andrew Peterson



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